A familiar touching scene that tugs the heart is that of a child seated on the lap of a parent and a book being read to him/her.  Studies have shown that talking and listening is an integral part in learning how to read.  Introducing a book to a child is taking the next step beyond talking.

In the book, you can now show pictures and you can start naming them.  The child will also see letters or words.  This helps increase her vocabulary as well as demonstrate the connection between words and pictures.  This is a great way to initiate his love for books.

When Do You Start Reading to Your Child?

Start early.  Read to your child even if he is still a baby!  Keep it short but read aloud to him on a daily basis.

Don’t read the book when he is playing or watching television.  Pick a quiet time for instance like before bedtime. This can also be his rest time where he can take a break from active play or sleeping.

If it’s possible, read to him while he is seated in your lap or when he is lying down on the bed snuggled next to you.  This also enforces bonding.

As he gets older, a child may feel the need to move around, that’s okay. But when he is tired, irritable or restless, don’t force reading time.

Make sure reading time is a quiet and comfortable that he would enjoy doing.  This will increase his chance to love reading.

Increase Reading Time

You increase your reading time gradually until your child is ready to spend at least 30 minutes a day.  If there are days that you skip reading aloud to your child, don’t be frustrated.  Just get back to the routine as soon as you can.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure that reading is enjoyable for both of you.

By:  Michelle Simtoco

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