“Mommy, can I go to school?”  A three year old would ask longingly as he sees his brothers and sisters preparing for school.  Among other considerations, interest is often the gauge that parents look to in deciding to start a child’s schooling.

When asked why they decided to send their preschooler to school, most parents’ remark about the child becoming restless at home, lacking socialization, not getting the right stimulation, being excessively shy or unable to relate with other children and with adults.  These are legitimate concerns. And in fact, preschool is especially designed to target social skills.  But above these, it is the child’s genuine interest for school that inspires them.


Experts say that kids show the first sign of interest when they imitate their older siblings and express their desire to go with them to school. A mother would share the following situations, “When his brother would wake up to change, my younger son would also insist on changing clothes and saying ‘Mommy, me, school! School!’  He would also sit down beside my older son and grab a paper and scribble anything on it.”

They are also noted to ask their parents to buy them educational materials like books, pencils, or crayons.  This interest must be encouraged.  Parents and caregivers must care not to paint a strict image of a teacher.  They should avoid threatening the child when his interest wanes a little.  This way, a positive towards school is nurtured.

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