Did you know that research shows that children are more likely to succeed in learning when their environment is supportive?  When families or other family members show interest in learning like reading with their children or assisting them with homework, collaborating with their teachers in school, expressing enthusiasm in their kid’s school activities, children have a wonderful advantage!

Parents naturally want their child to grow up happy, healthy and successful.  One of the important things that parents can decide is to raise their child to become a reader.

A child who can read well affects directly how successful they are in school as well as have a great impact on how well they do throughout their lives.  Reading becomes a gateway to all the knowledge of the world.

I remember my summer vacations were spent reading Readers Digest magazines.  One of the sections that I loved the most was the First Person story that shared insights on everyday life.  From the funny to the heartwarming themes, those articles inspired me to become an inspirational writer today.

Schools have the responsibility to come up with the best teaching programs esp. those that teach young people how to read as well as foster a love for reading.  Along with this, parents are also encouraged to build their reading foundation before children enter school and begin formal reading instruction. This is done by listening, talking and reading to your kids and by showing them that you also value and enjoy reading yourself.

In the succeeding articles, we will explore various activities that families can use with children from infancy through age six.  You can definitely use everyday moments and turn them into a learning experience.  Use materials you have in your home.  What is important is to have fun as you help your child gain the necessary skills they need to become readers.


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