Dear Parents,

We look forward to several wonderful years of traveling the road with your children in their paths to learning.  We continually strive to constantly be aware of certain truths and beliefs—that childhood is a journey not a race; that each child is born with wings to fly; that we need to sow seeds of love.  For we believe that with love children can thrive; and thereby can be open to learn anything.

We invite you to be our partners as co-educators.  We have seen how much growth a child is able to achieve if both the school and home have a consistent method of discipline, a large dose of encouragement and enough support as they deal with the ways of the world.  We also make a conscious effort to provide a positive and stimulating environment.  This doesn’t happen by accident. Rather, with proper planning and use of effective educational strategies, we are able to support your child’s growth and nurture his/her development.

We take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting your child in our care.  There is much joy in witnessing each child blossom as he finds his wings and eventually soar.


Michelle  Simtoco, DMD
Director of Administration

Stella Marie Cabilao, MA-ED
Director of Academics