Wash your handsIt is very important for kids to wash their hands properly before and after meals.  Naturally when the hands are dirty, one should wash right?

The important thing to remember is to also wash your hands after coughing, sneezing, using the bathroom, handling nappies,  touching dirty surfaces, playing with the pet dog or cat (or other animals), and during and after preparing food.

Sometimes we also have the tendency to keep on touching our faces unconsciously and may deliver bacteria and viruses directly to our nose or eyes or mouth.

Good hand washing requires soap, water and rubbing your hands together with friction.   Old fashioned soap is one of your best allies in fighting germs.  Liquid soap is better than bars of soap since germs may cling to them.  Be sure to take your time as you vigorously rub your hands together for around 30 seconds.  Make sure you cover all surfaces front and back and sides of the hands, fingers as well as the spaces between fingers.  Always dry your hands after.

Remember to keep your fingernails short and clean.  Bacteria has the tendency to hide under the cuticles and nails.

Washing your hands regularly is a simple yet very effective way to reduce the spread of illness.

By:  Michelle Simtoco

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