Our artists campers have started their classes already and they are having much fun as they learn how to draw and paint!  Our UP Fine Arts Coach is teaching the class together with Dynamic Minds Academics Director, Teacher Stella, who loves drawing and painting too.

Having made the arts curriculum for the preschool department, Teacher Stella, knows very well that a step-by-step procedure is important for younger kids as well as learning how to balance this by allowing the kids to explore arts on their own.  These are crucial factors to foster in a child the love for the arts.

Also we take the time to celebrate the kids efforts by displaying their artworks on the board as well as posting their artworks right here for you to enjoy.  We can’t post all their artworks but we will make sure that each artist gets the chance to be featured.  Thank you for taking the time to join us as we share with you the kids artworks!



Kids Artwork at Dynamic Minds Summer Artists Camp (Antonio Jaime Vicen)

Kids Artworks:  Dynamic Minds Artists Camp (Eunice Go)

Kids Artworks:  Dynamic Minds Artists Camp (Angela Tan)


Lions Drawing

Lion kids drawing

kids drawings - lion

lions drawing by kids

Artist camp artworks

summer artist camp at dynamic minds

summer artist camp at dynamic minds

woods drawing summer artists camp at Dynamic Minds

tree drawing summer artist camp at Dynamic Minds

basket of apples drawing - summer artists camp at Dynamic Minds

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2 thoughts on “Kids Artworks: Dynamic Minds Summer Artists Camp Gallery 2010

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    This is indeed an AMAZING school….

    My kids started their formal training here since age 3. Every summer, we keep coming back and embrace new knowledge that the school prepares for its students.

    They guide, encourage, motivate and bring out the best in them. No wonder why my children excel in their own ways.

    Their Art Works during the Summer Artists’ Camp reflect the creative side of our little ones- whom we proudly call-
    our little “ARTIST.

    Keep it up! :)

  • at

    Mam Carla, your kids are very talented and smart! Thank you for the support you have given us. We value and appreciate it very much!

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