We are healthy kids!

As parents and teachers, we should always be actively aware of the  signs and symptoms that may be of concern to your child’s health.  Below are questions that can be used as your guide to find out if your child is healthy or not:

Physical Characteristics:

  1. Is your child alert and enthusiastic?
  2. Is his growth steadily increasing in height and weight?
  3. Does he have inoffensive breath?
  4. Does he appear rested or tired?
  5. Not easily fatigued?
  6. Assumes straight posture?
  7. Is his/her skin clear (take note of the skin color)?
  8. Is his eyes bright?
  9. Is his legs and back straight?
  10. Does he have a good hand-eye coordination?

Social and Work Behaviors:

  1. Is he curious and interested with his surroundings?
  2. Is he happy and friendly?
  3. Can he be attentive?
  4. Can he exercise self control?
  5. Shares in group responsibilities?
  6. Does he demonstrate an interest in learning?
  7. Is he developing self-confidence?
  8. Can he cope with failure?
  9. Can he adapt to new situations?
  10. And express thoughts and feelings to peers as well as adults?

Parents, caregivers and teachers who work with children should be able to notice the things mentioned above.  The physical, emotional and mental well being of a child should all be considered.  Promoting healthy development in all areas can be the best way to raise a child.

By:  Michelle Simtoco

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