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What are some of the positive qualities in a child that has good social skills as well as emotional maturity?

  • Curiosity – A child’s curiosity and sense of wonder are important so she could get most out of any learning opportunities.
  • Confidence – Kids who feel good about themselves are more willing to try new tasks and learn new things.
  • Cooperation – It is important for kids to get along with others.  This means learning to share, wait for his turn and take turns.
  • Independence – Children who are independent can do things for themselves.
  • Persistence – Children must learn that they have to finish certain tasks that they have started.
  • Empathy – Kids can learn to take an interest in others, feel compassion and understand that other people have feelings as well.
  • Self-control – Children need to learn that there are different ways to express one’s feelings.  For instance, hitting and biting is unacceptable as they hurt others.

What Can You Do to Help your Child Develop these Qualities?

  • Be a Role Model and Set a Good Example.  Children will follow what they see others do and what they hear people say.  A child, who sees her parents showing respect, learns to respect others as well.  If a child constantly lives in criticism, he learns to be critical.  If your child sees you sharing food to others, she will learn to be thoughtful too.
  • Let Your Child Know that You Love and Care for Him No Matter What. If a child lives in an environment where he knows that he is loved, he will grow up confident.  You can do this with encouragement, praise and giving him opportunities to speak and share his thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  • Allow Your Child to Do Things by Herself. Adults naturally want to take care of their young. But if you want your child to gain independence, she must start learning to do certain things by herself like keeping her toys or eating by herself.
  • Use Positive Discipline. Children need to have boundaries.  If a parent can learn the art of positive discipline (gentle yet firm), kids tend to develop better social skills.  If a parent doesn’t set limits or has too many limits, this kids show a lower social and emotional maturity than those who do.
  • Be Enthusiastic. Kids will want to learn more and be more receptive to training when he is surrounded by enthusiasm, joy and excitement.  Show interest in your child’s work, “Wow, this is a wonderful drawing.”  Also be interested in the things she is doing in school.
  • Be Patient with the Process.  Allow repetition.  Kids love doing things over and over again.  By repeating things, they gain mastery and build confidence to try new things!

Becoming aware of these things will help you in rearing your children and develop their social and emotional skills.

By: Michelle Simtoco

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