Reading doesn’t just happen.  It is a skill that is developed.  Here are some tips to get your child into a healthy reading habit.

Surround children with words

Create a positive reading atmosphere at home.  Keep lots of magazines and books around the house, post grocery lists on the refrigerator.  The kids awareness for words increases when it is all around them.  You don’t have to thrust it into their faces but if it is there they naturally would be exposed to it.

reading-habitBe a role model

When children see their parents and family members read regularly, they get the idea that reading is an essential part of a person’s day-to-day life.   It becomes part of their reality.  Adults, siblings can read newspapers, magazines, books, recipes and so on.  If daddy or mommy is doing it, I can do it too!

Real life connections

To help children make the association between written words and real life, start with things that are familiar to them like the print of their shirt, the labels of their favorite food, or the writings on a tube of toothpaste.  Read with them anything that has to do with their experiences.

Read aloud to your children everyday

This helps stimulate brain development and will enhance your children’s vocabulary and comprehension.

Other benefits include:

  • Language and speech development
  • Expands their vocabulary and helps them pronounce words
  • Increases their listening abilities
  • Builds the kids attention span
  • Develops curiosity and creativity
  • Expands their knowledge about the world
  • Foster bonding time with parents
  • Stories can be used to teach kids how to deal with different situations in life.

If your child develops a healthy interest for reading, they become better readers and are able to perform better in school.  Yes, we’ve noticed this in our preschool.  The kids who love to read can easily cope with all the other things they need to learn–from science, to math, to computer.

Get you child into the reading habit and build the foundation to last a lifetime.

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