Our early childhood education program has varied multisensory activities that are conducted inside and outside the classroom walls.  We also celebrate different themes per month.

Little Chefs

 July – The kids make their own healthy snacks as part of Nutrition Month. Teaching kids to eat the right foods is an important step to creating a nation of healthy people.


Barrio Fiesta

 August – The kids come dressed in Filipino costumes, bring Filipino food, listen to Filipino stories, sing Filipino songs, play Filipino games, and experience the beauty of Filipino culture as part of our celebration of Buwan ng Wika. Awareness is the start of fostering love for our country.


Olympics Day

 September – The kids have their own mini-Olympics to cap off Health & Fitness Month. Getting into sports is also a great way for the kids to learn values such as self-discipline, hard work, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


Semester Ender Program

 October – Dynamic Minds Learning House, Inc. always ends the first semester with a program where the kids get a chance to perform on stage in front of their parents. This is a first for many kids, and it gives them an opportunity to develop not only dancing skills but self-confidence as well.


Green Festival

 November – This is one of the most important events during the year since the school puts value on loving the Earth. The goal of the Green Festival is to teach students to become environmentally-aware, to develop a sense of personal and social responsibility, and to become responsible citizens of the future.


Christmas Party

December – The students have a party with fun, food and games to celebrate the Christmas season and foster camaraderie and good relationships.


Field Trip

January – (For Kindergarten 1 and 2 students only / Schedules and destinations may vary each year.) This activity extends learning far beyond the four walls of the classroom. By experiencing something first hand, students are better able to understand the meaning and relevance of the things they learn in school.


Book Month

February – During Book Month, the kids engage in lots of fun activities that help foster a love for books and reading, which is the building block of a strong learning foundation.


Culminating Program

March – At the end of the school year, all students put on a grand show for their parents, family, and guests. Each child’s growth and improvement is manifested in his or her performance on stage. The self-discipline and perseverance to learn the routines and the self-confidence to stand on the big stage are two very important lessons that the children bring with them even after the year ends.


Commencement Exercises (for graduating students)

March – At the end of the school year, Kindergarten 2 students go through the graduation ceremony to signify and celebrate the successful completion of their preschool years. Each child gets a diploma, and deserving students get awards and certificates as a reward for their hard work.