The main criterion for admission is the child’s age.  However, an entrance exam and parent interview will be conducted prior to admission of new applicants.

The entrance exam or Developmental Skills Assessment will evaluate the child’s readiness in all aspects of development including but not limited to academic, psycho-motor, communication and socio-emotional skills.  The purpose of this is to ensure that each child is enrolled in a level that is developmentally appropriate for his capabilities.  A parent interview will also be conducted to establish the partnership between the school and the parents.

AGE GUIDE (by June 1 of the school year enrolled)

  • Nursery 1 – ages 2 and 2 and 11 months
  • Nursery 2 – ages 3 and 3 and 11 months
  • Pre-Kinder  – ages 4 and 4 and 11 months
  • Kinder  – ages 5 and 5 and 11 months


STEP 1:  All new applicants are required to submit the following in a long brown envelope prior to the entrance exam or parent interview:

  • Form 1 (Rev 2017) – see below
  • Copy of NSO Birth Certificate 
  • Two recent 1″ x 1″ ID pictures
  • If transferee, include previous school’s:   Report Card or ECCD Checklist and Certificate of Good Moral Character

STEP 2:  We will schedule a Developmental Skills Assessment of the child and a parent interview after  your application has been reviewed.


STEP 3:  Once approved for enrollment, submit the following documents together with your payment:

  • Form 2 – see below
  • Two recent 1″ x 1″ ID pictures of the child’s fetchers
  • Fetcher’s Authorization Form for each of the child’s fetchers


  1. In the absence of the NSO birth certificate, a certification from the office of the local Civil Registrar will be accepted.  However, your child will be temporarily enrolled until the NSO birth certificate is submitted.
  2. Any student who has not yet completed all admission and enrollment requirements will be considered temporarily enrolled.


The following forms can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the link below or obtaining them at the front desk.